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This series will be customized and integrated into the University of South Carolina - College of Social Work, College of Nursing and the School of Pharmacy graduate programs through Blackboard, the learning management system, as a stimulation lab including modules, video shorts and animated clips about evidence-based strategies such as deep breathing, mindfulness skills, emotion regulation, etc. These will be offered to students twice a year. Trainings can be adopted and implemented by programs individually or they may require students to complete the series for a Certificate in Workforce Wellness and Resiliency. The labs will specifically educate students of social work, nursing, and pharmacy to reduce and address suicide, burnout, and mental and behavioral health conditions (including substance use disorders).

This series offers flexibility in allowing community practitioners to complete each training individually for free CEUs and/or complete the entire series for a Certificate in Workforce Wellness and Resiliency. The first part of the series began in March 2022. This series will educate health professionals and paraprofessionals about burnout, mindfulness, emotional regulation, interprofessional effectiveness, stress management, etc. 

For the leadership academy series, leaders are recruited so they may consider ways to change the culture of burnout in their organization or with the unit they supervise. Participants are committed to becoming a Train the Trainer for their organization. Also, participants receive a Leading Organizational Workforce Wellness and Resiliency Certificate. This will educate leaders like physicians, executive directors, supervisors, etc on burnout, mindfulness, emotional regulation, interprofessional effectiveness, stress management and the benefits of wellness. 

Additional Information about the Series

These three sets of trainings are an open-access HOPE-WWR Toolkit, including 3-5 minute video shorts and animated video shorts that demonstrate specific evidence based micro skills (e.g. paced breathing, progressive muscle relaxation, tapping, mindfulness, and emotional awareness exercises and teachniques) that will be embedded and a part of each training series. 

Flexibility and access to building your toolkit for wellness are crucial to increasing wellness outcomes for individuals. We will be using funds for the startup and instructional scripting and design of this mostly in Years 1 (2022) and 2 (2023) with enhancements by Year 3 (2024).

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