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About the HOPE-WWR Program

HOPE-WWR is funded by a grant from the Health Resources and Service Administration (HRSA). HOPE-WWR aims to build a resilient and strong health occupation workforce, capable of enduring pandemics, all the while reducing poor burnout rates in South Carolina as well as providing evidence based tools needed to engage in proper and appropriate self-care that contributes to identifying and implementing evidence based strategies to reduce and address burnout, suicide, mental health conditions, and substance use disorder and promote resiliency among health care professionals when working in rural, underserved and shortage areas not to mention profession specific shortages. HOPE-WWR will provide multicomponent training series to educate and train future, current, and leadership roles in the health workforce of South Carolina.

Goal 1:  Develop curricula, delivery platforms, and logistics for three separate training series within HOPE-WWR to target and promote promote resiliency among a.) health populations students and residents: HOPE-WWR Student Series; b.) community professionals and paraprofessionals: HOPE-WWR Community Practitioner  Series, and c.) leaders in the healthcare industry: HOPE-WWR Leadership Academy - a Train-the-Trainer program for employers, physicians, executives, managers, and directors responsible for supervising employees and students/interns that would lead to a culture of wellness and resiliency. All series will include development of a toolkit to include self-care interventions such as mindfulness, stress management, emotional regulation, communication skills, interprofessional effectiveness that can be used by all. This will be done collaboratively with the University of South Carolina Interprofessional Education program and the South Carolina Area Health Education Consortium (AHEC). 

Goal 2: Train 600 health occupation students/residents, 300 community practitioners, and 50 health care leaders with free CEUs to expand community partnerships for the long-term integration and sustainability of HOPE-WWR in South Carolina and beyond. 

Goal 3: Develop and implement a comprehensive evaluation plan to assess the effectiveness of the HOPE-WWR training program in improving the HOPE-WWR participants' skills, including baseline to post-training, increasing well-being and optimism.

Goal 4: Build a collaborative, interdisciplinary Council of Directors (COD) that works to sustain, expand, and continue HOPE-WWR beyond the grant period.

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