Toolkit for Organizations

To effectively build resilience in organizations, comprehensive approaches are required.

Explore the resources offered here as you aim to promote resilience within your organization.

Every resource in our toolkit is evidence-based, and you’ll find links to articles that examine the steps and effectiveness when building organizational resilience.

Why We Must Address Burnout in Healthcare

Explore how burnout impacts healthcare professionals and patient care, and the crucial role of mid-level managers in building a resilient workplace through systemic changes and personal support strategies.

What is Organizational Resilience?

Uncover the essence of organizational resilience in healthcare, emphasizing the need for systems, processes, and leadership to anticipate, adapt, and thrive through challenges, beyond individual wellness efforts.

What is Individual Resilience?

This video explores the multifaceted nature of individual resilience in healthcare, emphasizing its necessity, characteristics, and strategies for enhancing it amidst challenges.

The Importance of an Organizational Approach to Resilience

This video highlights the critical need for an organizational approach to resilience in healthcare, emphasizing its role in combating burnout, fostering a culture of wellness, and ensuring collective strength.

Change Management for Burnout in Healthcare

This video delves into managing change in healthcare to combat burnout, focusing on tailored interventions, adaptive leadership, and creating psychologically safe environments for sustainable improvement.

Steps to Build a Resilient Organization

This video explores the structured journey toward building resilience in healthcare organizations.