Toolkit for Individuals

Even taking a few minutes to reset can help you manage the challenges of health care work.

Explore the resources here to find breathing exercises, mindfulness practices, yoga sessions, and more.

Every resource in our toolkit is evidence-based, and you’ll find links to articles that examine the effectiveness of each practice.

Eye Cave and Nostril Breathing

Explore a unique four-minute exercise that combines the warmth of your palms over your eyes with controlled nostril breathing to harmonize your body and mind.

Breath of Joy

Engage in a revitalizing two-minute yoga session that involves dynamic arm movements and breathing in three parts, culminating in a tension-releasing forward stretch.

Yoga Nidra Meditation

Immerse yourself in a 23-minute Yoga Nidra session, a guided meditation that promotes profound relaxation by cycling awareness through the body, mind, and breath.

Rest and Restoration

This 23-minute yoga sequence focuses on static poses that require no muscle engagement, potentially using props for support.

Cold Facial Immersion (Dive Reflex)

This short video demonstrates two ways to apply an ice pack or cold water to the face to help reduce stress.

Paired Muscle Relaxation (Long version)

Follow along through a progression of tensing and relaxing muscles, paired with controlled breathing, to achieve deep relaxation.