Toolkit for Individuals

Even taking a few minutes to reset can help you manage the challenges of health care work.

Explore the resources here to find breathing exercises, mindfulness practices, yoga sessions, and more.

Every resource in our toolkit is evidence-based, and you’ll find links to articles that examine the effectiveness of each practice.

Ground, Center, and Balance Yoga

Discover grounding through an 18-minute yoga practice aimed at enhancing your sense of stability and centeredness.

Energize and Focus Yoga

This 17-minute yoga session is tailored to invigorate your body and sharpen your concentration by bringing your body, breath, and mind into harmony.

STOP Skill

This video guides you through recognizing your feelings to respond mindfully rather than react impulsively.


The ACCEPTS skills are techniques for temporarily diverting your attention from stress. The skills enable a return to the issue with a refreshed mind and emotional state.


Unlike self-pity, self-compassion involves recognizing and accepting one's pain without being overwhelmed by it. Adopting self-compassion can foster emotional wellbeing.

Cold Facial Immersion (Dive Reflex)

This short video demonstrates two ways to apply an ice pack or cold water to the face to help reduce stress.